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Thursday, July 21, 2011


A young group of baseball campers took a Citi Fieldtrip today-campers who probably dream of being Major Leaguers themselves some day. Perhaps to show them that you don't have to be perfect to go to the show, the Mets played like the Bad News Bears before Kelly Leak joined the team, making the dreams of the children seem that much more obtainable. (Aren't those Mets swell?) Camper Diego Ramirez from PS 132 in Brooklyn said, "Man, Duda drilled that playa running to second in the back! Yo, that's hard core nasty. Is his name seriously Duda? He's gotta change that shit bro, like pronto."

Jon Niese stunk, the offense was dead, and at one point Angel Pagan threw the ball to an empty first base. Seriously. There was not a Met within 100 feet. Maybe Angel thought St. Louis first base coach Dave McKay would kindly pick up the ball and tag out his own runner as a courtesy. Or maybe the noon start time was a little rough on the Mets who were no doubt celebrating late last night after their 10th inning walk off win. I know it was a tough turn around for Mets Blob, and the Metropolitans were taking BP before the Blob ever had to put on pants.
Carlos Beltran went 0-3 with a walk in what was more than likely his last day in a Met uniform at Citi Field. We did get a lot of heroics from Carlos this week in the first 2 games against the Cards, and we thank him for that and for all his years as a Met.
For more on Mets Blob's take on Carlos' impending departure, please check out: BYE BYE, BELTRAN on Mets Blob.

Friday night, David Wright returns from the DL to join the Mets in Florida to play the Marlins. Welcome back, David!

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