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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mets Blob Recommends Drinking

Prior to game 6 and 7 against the Yankees in 2004, the Red Sox decided to do some drinking. According to Kevin Millar, “I got a thing of Jack Daniel's and we all did shots for about 10 minutes before the game. And we won.” Millar continues, "So Game 7 came and we had to do shots of Jack Daniel's. And we won the game."

Since the Mets are so tight hitting with runners on base, why not drink? Seriously, before getting in the batters box with runners in scoring position, duck back into the dugout and down a few pops. Then stride to the plate, like you have been doing since you were a tot, and hack. No more over-thinking, no more guess hitting, no more studying video until your head is spinning with so much bullshit that you lose all your natural, god given, ability to hit a baseball. Get up there, look for a hittable pitch and drill it.

The Blob is all for firing the Batting Coach and hiring a Major League Bartender. We are not sure what kind of bartender fits Sandy “No Money Ball” Alderson’s mold, but the Blob would like to see someone with a little moxie. Any of the following would fit the bill:

The Mets fell 2-Zip to the Giants and the Freak tonight.
The Mets try to avoid a sweep in a Thursday day game with Pelfrey vs whoever will beat Pelfrey going for the Giants.
Good luck with that. 

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