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Friday, August 24, 2012

Vasgas to start in Left

The battle for baseball's basement begins tonight at Citi Field between the soon to be AL Houston Astros and the butt awful NY Mets. Even the draw of Sergio Vargas and the post game Merengue night concert could not sell tickets to the disgruntled Met faithful. The fact is, ownership has put a sub major league level team on the field. Simple put, If ownership is unwilling to invest in the team why should the fan invest in a trip to Citi Field? The answer...they shouldn't. Until tonight. In an act of utter desperation to get asses in the seats and to spice up a nonexistent offense, Terry Collins will start Sergio Vargas in left field tonight. When asked why Collins said: "The people are coming out to see Vargas play, well, lets really seem him play. The kids' Dominican, and let me tell you what, those guys know how to play ball down there. He plays the game right and I wanna see him get a few good ABs and then get him out of there on hopefully a positive note so he can get his set list together for the post game concert."

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