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Monday, April 30, 2012

Astros 4 - Mets 3

Virtual Kirk in center field where he belongs

RA Dickey had a good start turn a little rough when the Stros took a 3-0 lead. The Mets chipped away and kept fighting. NY tied the game when "Captain" Kirk Nieuwenhuis with the sacks full set his phaser to clutch and ripped a ball to right field.

Manny Acosta blew the game in the 8th, the Astros took the lead, and that's how it stayed. Why was Acosta given a plane ticket to Texas is beyond the Blob. Letting him pitch in the 7th and surviving it was a gift to the Mets. Thinking he could pitch the 8th was insane and inexcusable. Not a Blobber among us would have put him back on the bump in the 8th. BUT TERRY COLLINS DID! Manny should only be used to eat innings in blow outs, not games that are winnable or on the line. His mental make up is as fragile as Lindsay Lohan's in a house of mirrors that rains cocaine from the ceiling.

Kirk did have a defensive gaff in left field when a playable ball dropped between him and Ruben Tejada. In fairness Kirk has never played left field before. Ever. Not even in Little League. Why move him? Again, ask Terry. The Mets owe Andres Torres nothing-make him play left-Kirk was doing just fine in center.

Lucas Duda had a good pitch hit at bat that drew a walk. Duda was scratched from the lineup because of "flu like" symptoms. Really? Terry called it "Denver dehydration" yeah sure, the Blob buys that. Maybe his western wear didn't agree with him? Sounds more likely to the Blob that Lucas was suffering from the "Ketel One Flu." Do the math Blobbers. A MILE HIGH + A 12 PACK OF COORS + ROCKY MOUNTAIN OYSTERS + SOME SHOTS + ILL FITTING DOUBLE KNIT WESTERN WEAR + A FLIGHT TO HOUSTON = VOMIT.

The good news is it's just one game and Houston is really bad so there is reason the Mets still can't take the series.

For you gamers out there the picture is the Kirk Nieuwenhuis downloadable update for MLB 2K12. Congrats virtual Kirk, just stay off the cover.

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